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My name is Sarah Villegas, freelance web designer and artist. Over the years my skill for the arts has evolved into a new form of digital artistry. Majoring in front-end web design and interactive media [AA], I am always excited to participate in creative projects whether it's for a starting business, a non-profit organization, or simply personal interest. My skills incorporate web / printed graphics, web design, photography and video production. The concept of Vine was birthed through my desire to make an impact in the web industry, in particular, the gospel. Here I am taking the journey... Remembering that web design always begins and ends with the user - taking them from point A to point B. Through Vine Webworx, no project is too little to reach great distances. Let's take that journey...


Here is a glimpse of the fun projects I've been privileged to collaborate in, develop and create

Projects include: Web Design, Graphics for Web, Graphics for Print, Logos and Video Production.

Vine Webworx
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  • · Web Design {
  • HTML | CSS | JS/JQuery | UX/UI }
  • · Graphics {
  • Photoshop | Illustrator }
  • · Branding {
  • Logo | Photography }
  • · Extra {
  • Video and Audio Editing }


Equipping organizations and growing businesses with creative web design that "worx." Vine defines the branching effect of communication when executed effectively through lively designs and memorable interactivity. A strong connection, well-rooted statement and branding style that take a site from point A to point B successfully with your voice, your style.

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Creativity is only an ingredient. Passion and determination are just a few more.

Click Play below to enjoy a summary of my work, incorporating photography and extra graphics. Hope you enjoy and thank you for watching!