Latter Works United with Christ Ministries


United with Christ Ministries Youth Ministry: LATTER WORKS

We are a welcoming family to many youngsters in the community. For us it's not only about sharing Christ, but loving and making a difference in the neighborhoods we fellowship in. From children, teens to young adults, we're a group that's about variety and standing for our beliefs boldly. Welcome to our family!

We teach about having faith and making an impact in our young generation. Our statment of "Los Angeles Teens Transcending into an Experience of Revival" is referencing to Haggai chapter 2, verse 6-9. We believe we are the generation that is in the present time to bring a revival. Trusting in Him to call us to do those which as though they were.

We make sure you feed your inner spirit man daily! Empowering the youth with revelation of the Word and inspiring faith to rise up and be bold, witness and spread the contagious good news for Jesus!