Latter Works United with Christ Ministries


Memorial BBQ | May 25th   

It's grillin' time! Bring sports balls, comfty clothes to play and enjoy a sunny day at the park. Meeting promptly at the church parking lot to leave by 4pm on Saturday, May 25th to drive over the Los Angeles Lake. See Tirzah for more details.

Graduates Party! | June 15th    

If you are a class 2013 graduate or have received some sort of achievement, please advise leadership to celebrate your accomplishment! We want to celebrate with you and encourage all youth to keep giving their best for success! We believe in hard work and rewards, so make sure you get your name on the list to enter a special raffle. A potluck party will be arranged to gather all participants. Details to follow.

Convocation | July 25 - 28th    

Are you ready to attend this year's Convocation in Ensenada? If you and your parents are planning to attend, make sure you sign up for dance practice promptly since the youth group this year may be asked to perform a special presentation. More details to come.

Six Flags Field Trip | August 31st    

It's that time of the year again! FUN TIME!! We will be meeting at the church parking lot at 8AM sharp so we can arrive at exactly opening time for the park. Bring lunch money and parent permission slips if you'd like to attend. Absolutely no excuses. Main chaperones will be assigned for that day. If you need a ride or have trouble making arrangements, see leadership.

Christmas Drive | Fall/ October    

This year we will begin our annual Christmas Toy Drive in October. The earlier, the more gifts we can gather for kids of all ages! Let's take up the challenge this year and break last year's record. Remember, only YOU can make this happen. Every little counts!